We’ll Clear The Path To Your Project’s Success

If your project site is overrun with trees and undergrowth, we can help. With plenty of equipment and experience behind us, we can quickly have your plot cleared and ready for grading and construction, no matter how unruly.


If you purchased a site with a pre-existing structures that don’t suit your purposes, you need an expert to handle your demolition work. Blount Excavating demolishes small buildings and homes on-site. With the help of our connections and partners, we can also meet your needs for large and/or hazardous demolition jobs such as those involving asbestos, lead removal, and other potentially harmful substances.

For large demolition projects, we’ve also got you covered. We demolished the concrete landing and McGhee Tyson Airport, and even economically and sustainably recycled the concrete pieces into gravel for use as backfill using our rock crusher. We’re performing this same service at a local industrial site as well.

We will also perform hybrid demo-clearing jobs, even on sites that are not yet being developed. Reach out to us to discuss your project’s needs.

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